19th to 21st Feb, 2016

~ Forest Sisters is women and girls gathering in the bush!
Re-membering that we are connected to the earth and each other.  Creating a space of safety, solidarity, creativity and joy!  We do this by practicing non-judgment, being real, taking responsibility for ourselves and the space, and laughing and crying when we want to!  Bring your friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, womenfolk!

~ Forest Sisters is lots of crafting, making and playing!
Ecoprinting, smudge sticks, henna, yoga, hula-hooping… You are invited to play/create/dance/be with whatever is present and whatever is arising within you…

~ Forest Sisters is a space of rest and nourishment!
It’s totally okay to come and do nothing!  Just be…  just go slow…that would be awesome!

~ Forest Sisters is a co-created event!
What do you want to bring or see happening?  Massage, hair braiding, reflexology, drum journeying, labyrinth, dancing, drumming…?  Last time there was lots of finger knitting, felting, girls playing games and soccer, drawing, story-telling (of scary mermaids and pink monkeys!), ecoprinting, walking, talking, fire-twirling, giving thanks together around the fire… endless possibilities!  Get dreaming!  Be brave and bring something to offer, if you’d like!

fs 1

~ Sharing food is part of the Forest Sisters experience!  (only if you want to, though!)
In general, we take responsibility for part of a meal, along with other women/families, and the rest of the meals are covered by others!  More details to come closer to the time, and dialogue can happen on the FB page too…

~ Forest Sisters is an alcohol- and drug-free event.

~ Subscribe to the FS mailing list to stay up-to-date with what’s happening!

~ Like FS on Facebook as another way to keep in touch!

Where: Neds Gully, Cathedral Ranges National Park
When: arvo on Friday 19th to early arvo on Sunday 21st February, 2016
Come for a time, or the whole time, any time!
Age: all women, girls and babies/kidlets 3 years and under welcome

Camping: $13 per person, 2nd & 3rd vehicles cost extra (more info here)
Suggested donation: $20 per family

Please book camping with Parks Vic here.

$20 donations can be deposited here:
BSB – 633 000
Account number – 150125532
Name – R K Funk
Reference – FS (+ your name)

Rough timetable: TBC

– tent/sleeping gear
– food (to share?)
– chairs/picnic blankets
– plate/mug/bowl/utensils
– water bottle
– a book?
– crafty goodness!
– musical instruments
– stories to tell
– anything fun! (fire-twirling sticks, fun for the maidens, whatever!)

What’s at the campsite?  See here for Parks Victoria info & map.

Forest Sisters is a vision held by Bec Funk of Midwife of the Soul.
Any questions, contact Bec: 0478 239 400 or midwifeofthesoul ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Forest Sisters is not affiliated with any particular faith, but acknowledges and honours the sacred life and energy which permeates all things, including the land.

Also, Forest Sisters is not affiliated with Seven Sisters festival in any way, even though they sound similar.  Its origin and intent is quite different from its “sister” gathering – although many of us are going to both!!  🙂



  1. Lora · September 8, 2015

    My daughter Mia and I would love to come for the whole camp. Do we need to register? If so how do we do that?


    • rka789 · September 8, 2015

      Hi Lora, great that you and your daughter are keen to come! There are two things to do to register: one is booking with Parks Victoria, which is necessary, and the other is to consider the suggested donation, entirely your call. See the information under ‘Costs’ (above). Cheers!


  2. Gail · January 11, 2016

    Hi there, I’m keen to come but am a bit confused about the registration process as well..? So do we need to book a place at the Ned’s Gully Camping Area on the Parks Victoria website and then transfer the donation to the requested account? Above you’ve mentioned that all we need to do is provide the donation.


  3. rka789 · January 12, 2016

    Hi Gail, thanks for alerting me to this inconsistency! I have amended the above comment. You are right, there are two costs/processes – the comment was written before I became aware that we needed to pay to book a campsite at Neds Gully. Love! xxx


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